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All the 90s alternative you can shake a flannel covered stick at
Hey, do you remember that one song they used to play back then?

We probably do.

This group is devoted to all the great songs you grew up listening to (or whose older siblings did, or listened to in college, or...) on alternative radio. Caliban78, the founder of this group, grew up in LA in the early 90s, listening day and night to the world famous KROQ, so it is under his guidance that this group will flourish and eclipse all other groups as the dominant force in 90s alternative nostalgia!

Every week, we will choose a new song to remember. It might be something easy like, say, "Laid" by James (the group's first selection), but can quickly go quirky and obscure ("Detachable Penis", anyone?)

Sit back, relax, and queue up your limewire connection....I mean, iTunes...yea, iTunes...you're gonna need it.